Inspired by simplicity, the aim was to create new archetypes of everyday objects, but also taking into account that food transportation and conservation is becoming more and more important to our daily lives.

Made of cork and recycled plastic, robust and lightweight, perfect for storing food due to its odorless, hygienic and heat retention properties, the containers are food safe and completely leak proof.

The project

The goal of the Lunch box project was to create an idea that accompanies the current market and validate the concept. Throughout the course of the project surveys and trend analysis were used to gauge the product's viability and to hone in on which features would make the product appealing to the target demographic.

three days design

The rapid design phase was done over a three-day period where loose sketches quickly became CAD models and persuasive renderings were produced for the minimum viable product.


The lunch box is made up of removable modular containers, answering to the needs of every day. These food compartments / individual objects can be combined in various configurations inside the lunch box.

BRAND. Corticeira Amorim S.A   PRODUCT. BiasLunch    YEAR. 2013