Construct Desk Lamp

Combining with LED technology and a unique touch control light experience, Construct is a smart, precise and easily adjustable lamp. The user can adjust it in any direction by controlling the intensity and focus of the light. Suitable for any environment, versatility and 360 ° adjustable, making Construct ideal for the commercial and residential environment.

When contemplating the city, construction sites were dominant were at least a couple of cranes were present. This triggered the inspiration, which resulted in a minimalist crane, where the main point of interest was the crane load distribution car that can be controlled by the user.

Construct Desk Lamp is an ultra-thin and flexible floor lamp that fits any room and décor. Need an ambient light? Turn the LED head to the ceiling. Need a reading light? Pull the LED head to the level you want. Need no light at all? Push the LED head against the body. Bring an even more compact LED lamp into your home or work space…


The vertical and horizontal architecture of the Construct Lamp Desk aligns perfectly with the workplace environment, offering a 360º rotation.

Precise Light Control

Construct Desk Lamp is a LED light characterized by focus control and lighting intensity, which provides variable beam propagation and focused directional light. The lamp control features are intuitively positioned and easily adjustable for single-handed use.

product. Construct Desk Lamp  year. 2017