Y.light is a modern pendant lamp with a single source of light. Its simple form, with an industrial and concise touch is the incarnation of modern minimalism.


This piece was made for Green Think Tank. The challenge launched by FIBRENAMICS aimed to design a piece that valued the use of mineral.
My main goal was to create a connection between the user and his space.


It is one of the most exploited and its waste is the most discarded in the world. For this reason, and despite being recycled, it is increasingly important to exploit mineral recycling in more sustainable ways.

Through more thoughtful recycling, it is possible to reduce waste and bet on new creations, not only purely utilitarian but increasingly aesthetically pleasing. Hence, it is possible to give to these materials a new existence.


Inspired by the Portuguese architecture of the old days, quick sketches were used early in the project to explore a variety of shapes and product features. Two key directions were explored through more refined sketches until the concept began to take shape.

In the refinement phase, the main shape resembles a parallelepiped of trapezoidal lines.
A light but massive silhouette, composed of modules that when combined form an inverted "Y", supported by two stems.


Y.light is not just another product, it is a new opportunity of existence for industrial mineral waste. Through the use of a new ecological composite and the techniques required for its handling, the creation of an intrinsically "green" product is achieved, which maintains its complete functionality, resulting in a subtle minimalist.

BRAND. Fibrenamics  PRODUCT. Y.Light    YEAR. 2017    AWARDS. 2nd Place | Mineral Challange